Watt-Busters: Energy Efficiency Services in Cascais

Cascais, near Lisbon, helps its residents to improve their private energy efficiency and save costs. The "Caça Watts"-project (alluding to the Portuguese titel of the "Ghostbuster" film) is run by the Municipal Energy Agency and offers energy audits at a symbolic price. It aims at changing people's behaviour and retrofitting residential buildings.

"Caça Watts": Energy audits for private homes are (almost) free.

Caça Watts: Energy Audits for Private Homes

Technical reports help Cascais citizens identify how and where to save energy.

"Caça Watts" is a public initiative allowing Cascais citizens to get an energy audit worth up to 350 € for a lower price, starting from 25 €, with further discounts depending on personal income. Such an audit reveals home energy usage patterns and points of excessive energy consumption, it compares the energy efficiency of home appliances and electrical equipment and provides recommendations on how and where to save energy. Cascais municipal technicians are equipped with high-end software permitting, together with consumers' energy bills, for an exact technical analysis as well as specific recommendations. They even run a solar panel simulation as to the effects on energy savings and financial benefits if a photovoltaic plant was installed at home. Each year, the Cascais Energy Agency carries out approximately 100 energy audits.
This project had an investment of 55 000 € and has been delivering greatest benefits in terms of climate protection and quality of life. Energy consumption has been reduced by 75 MWh/year and CO2 emissions by 28 tons CO2 eq./year. Households participating in this initiative have reduced their energy bills by about 100 € per year and household.

Cascais Energia: Promoting Sustainable Energy Consumption

Cascais Energia aims at boosting energy efficiency and the use of renewables.

Cascais Energia, the Municipal Energy Agency, was founded in 2007 as a private not-for-profit organisation. It aims at boosting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. Its first project was a strategic Municipal Energy Matrix, identifying consumption patterns and the potential of local natural resources in energy production. It implemented a real-time system monitoring consumption in each municipal building, too. Whilst economic benefits are a welcome effect, the most important aspect for the municipality is setting a good example for its citizens: energy efficiency significantly reduces costs and emissions without compromising productivity levels.


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