Joining Climate Alliance

Seven good reasons to join the Climate Alliance

As a member you ...

  • get advice for your local climate change policies.
  • get inspired from other cities experience at conferences and seminars and find partners for implementation.
  • raise your international profile by having your achievements disseminated widely.
  • participate in ready-made campaigns and involve your citizens in practical action against climate change.
  • get your projects funded by European programmes.
  • benefit from the services of Climate Alliance's office in Brussels.
  • let the European Secretariat convey your message to the European Union
    via Climate Alliance's responses and opinions.

Who may join the Climate Alliance?

Local and regional authorities in Europe as well as organisations of indigenous peoples of the Amazon and other rainforests may join the association, if they have given their agreement to the Climate Alliance Objectives.

Federal states and NGOs can become associate members. This gives them the right to participate in the associations activities and receive information on these.

You will find further details regarding membership in Climate Alliance's Statutes (125 KB). 

How can a local authority join the Climate Alliance?

1. The city / municipal council enacts the membership in the association.

2. The local authority applies for membership informally at the Climate Alliance.

3. The Executive Board decides on the application for membership.

How much does the Climate Alliance membership cost?

An annual membership fee is paid by each municipality and each administrative district to the amount of Euro 0.0073 per resident, with a minimum of Euro 220 and a maximum of Euro 15,000 per municipality or district.

For municipalities and administrative districts from Central and Eastern European Countries*, the membership fee will be 50% of the regular fee. This reduction shall be valid until the year 2018.

The peoples of the rainforests are under no obligation to pay fees. The Executive Board fixes the membership fees of associate members.

* Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of Belarus, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

Calculation of the membership fees

Number of inhabitants:

Calculated fees:

Municipalities or regions from eastern Europe *


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate and contact us.