Our Activities

Climate Alliance's European Secretariat, its Brussels Office and national coordination offices support the member cities and municipalities in their endeavour to protect the global climate.

We provide advice and services such as

  • Promoting the exchange of experience by conferences, workshops and publications,
  • Showcasing the members' achievements (e.g. at the European Climate Star Award and in various databases),
  • Providing recommendations, aids and tools for local climate change policies (e.g. local climate plans, individual themes and measures, CO2 monitoring, etc.),
  • Lobbying for improved framework conditions for local climate change policies on international, European and national level,
  • Developing and coordinating European projects and campaigns.

Together with our indigenous partner organisations, we

  • Organise campaigns and political initiatives on the conservation of the tropical rainforests and the defence of indigenous rights
  • Raise awareness on the situation and positions of the indigenous peoples in Amazonia
  • Inform and educate about the impacts of our action on the rainforests and the indigenous peoples
  • Collaborate in practical partnership projects.

On the following pages you find further information about the numerous projects and campaigns, Climate Alliance's partnerships and political activities.